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Don't see what you want?

Don't see what you want?

We've listed a lot of vehicles and a lot of product under "Find Your Vehicle".  However, you may want stainless steel auto trim, but you don't see what you want listed on our site.  Don't give up.  If your vehicle is not listed, send us a message with details of what you're looking for.  We have stainless auto trim for many vehicles in stock at our manufacturing plant, but what's not in stock may be able to be made in a few days.  Tell us the make, model, and year of your vehicle, and what type product you're looking for.  We may be able to help.
Welcome to Stainless Auto Trim

Stainless Steel Trim

Are you tired of driving around in a drab looking car?

* Are you wishing you had ordered your car with more chrome molding?
* Have you seen those luxury cars with stainless trim? 
* Are you thinking that adding chrome molding to your car would be expensive and difficult to do? 
Truck with pillar posts, window sills, and rocker panels
STAINLESS STEEL TRIM can dramatically improve the appearance of your vehicle, easily and inexpensively.  

Our stainless trim is made of high grade stainless steel which fits great and has a beautiful finish.

We pride ourselves in providing quality auto molding trim at a great price and in a reasonable time.  Most of our trim is made with 304 #8 Mirror Finish stainless steel.  That may not mean much to you, but it means our stainless steel trim is made of the highest quality material.

When you place your order for stainless steel trim with us, we will give the utmost attention to shipping to you an auto molding trim free of defect, precisely what you ordered, and in a timely manner.  The order will be carefully packaged in strong corrugated boxes with v-board rails for extra rigidity to protect your auto molding trim from shipping damage.

All our stainless trim is backed with industry standard 3M Double-sided Automotive Attachment Tape guaranteed to stay on for years, even the lifetime of the car.

Chrome molding vs. Stainless Steel Auto Trim

Many people see shiny, polished,auto molding trim and assume its chrome.  However, most auto molding trim is either cheap plastic, or its stainless steel trim.  Stainless steel trim is strong, resistant to scratches or rusting, and won’t chip or stain.

When chrome is used in making auto molding trim, its usually done over a steel, plastic, or brass base, which is then covered with copper and nickel and finally plated with chrome.  Chrome auto parts can scratch, rust, and stain. 

With stainless steel trim, the part is made from just stainless steel and then polished to a high shine.  Stainless steel trim is resistant to scratches, rusting, or staining.

So, when you’re looking for auto molding trim, you want stainless steel.
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