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Pillar Trim

*Why do so many vehicles have drab black pillar molding?
*What’s involved in getting a chrome pillar look on your car?
*Is a stainless post more durable than the plastic one on your car?
*Is putting high gloss pillar trim on your car affordable?
*Is the installation of pillar posts easy to do?

Car with pillar posts
Many vehicles lately come with a drab pillar trim that adds nothing to the look of your car.  Having a high gloss stainless post gives an immediate step up in the appeal of your car. Adding a new stainless post will draw people’s attention and give you the feeling of driving a much more luxurious car.
The stainless post we provide will keep that high gloss chrome pillar look for the life of your car.  Our pillar trim won’t scratch or chip from people’s rings who grab the pillar molding as they close the door.  In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a way to scratch these pillar posts.  And with the industry standard 3M Double sided tape making it adhere to your car, you’ll be confident that your pillar trim won’t come off.

Stainless Post

Our pillar trim if formed perfectly for your vehicle, so installing each stainless post, designed specifically for your car is fast and easy.  There are no tools required.  Just press  the pillar trim in place with the attached 3M Double Sided tape for a lasting connection.
You can also feel confident that when you receive your pillar molding, it will be free from defect.  When you place your order for pillar posts with us, we will give the utmost attention to shipping to you precisely what you ordered, and in a timely manner.  The order will be carefully packaged in strong corrugated boxes with v-board rails for extra rigidity to protect your pillar trim from shipping damage.

To find the Pillar Posts we make specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle, simply go to "Find Your Vehicle" in the upper left column.
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