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Accent Trim
Accent Trim can give that special look to you vehicle.  A thin strip of highly polished stainless steel in a decorative indentation along the side of your car or along the bottom edge of your door, can give a special pazazz to the look of your car.  In some cases, an Accent Trim can be added along with Rocker Panels or Body Side Molding.

Another example would be on late model Ford pickup trucks.  On their tailgates, there are grooves about an ince wide that run across the tailgate.  We can provide high gloss stainless steel strips that fit in those grooves.  In our parts lists, they are called Groove Incert Trims or Groove Accent Trims.

   Accent Trim on the bottom edge of trunk lid
To find out if we have Accent Trim we make specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle, simply go to "Find Your Vehicle" in the upper left column.
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