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Rocker Panels

*Do you have scratches, dents, or chips on a rocker panel on your car?
*Is there no rocker molding at all on your car?
*Has your eye been drawn to luxury cars with chrome rocker trim?
*Have you wondered what’s involved in doing rocker panel replacement?
Truck showing rocker panels and pillar posts
A stainless steel rocker panels replacement will add a luxurious look to your car, plus protect it from dents, scratches, and chips that often occur as people parked beside you open their doors and hit your car.  Each rocker panel is made of high quality, 24 or 26 gauge stainless steel.  The extremely hard material makes this rocker molding resistant to scratches, dents, or chips, while the high gloss polish gives it that chrome rocker appearance.
Our factory has been creating templates and making rocker panels for well over 20 years.  We have kits of rocker panels for every major truck model from as far back as the 80’s.  So if you’re in the market for rocker molding, chances are, we have exactly what you want.  And if it’s a rocker panel for an auto you’re looking for, our rocker molding for autos will put a smile on your face.

Rocker Molding

Doing a replacement rocker panel job is easy and inexpensive.  Our rocker panels give that high shine, luxurious, chrome rocker look to your vehicle that you’ll be proud of.  And it’s easy.  Just take the replacement rocker panel from our strong, protective packaging, strip off the covering on the 3M Double Sided tape attached to all our rocker panels, and press onto your car.  The rocker panel will fit perfectly and look like factory installed rocker molding. 
To find the Rocker Panels we make specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle, simply go to "Find Your Vehicle" in the upper left column. 
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