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Specialty Trim
Specialty Trim

Specialty Trim

Car showing trunk specialty trim...Car showing trunk specialty trim

Chrome door handles and window sill trim...Camry showing trunk specialty trim

Truck showing tailgate specialty trim...Lincoln Navigator showing trunk specialty trim

There are many great places to put high gloss stainless steel trim that could make your vehicle have a much better look.  A variety of those places do not fit in our major catagories.  Looking at our stainless steel trim listed for your particular vehicle, you may find a specialty trim item that you would love to have.

We have trunk edge trim, tailgate incerts, gills, panels with words like 'SUPER DUTY' or 'SILVERADO', and others.  If you have something specific you're looking for but don't see it listed in our part list, send us details of what you want and maybe we can make it.

To look for Specialty Trim items we make specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle, simply go to "Find Your Vehicle" in the upper left column.
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