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Body Side Molding


*Does your car or truck have a dull gray plastic side body molding?
*Is your side molding trim all chipped and scratched?
*Does the thought of high gloss body side trim interest you?
*Do you feel that replacing the your truck molding would be hard and expensive?

Body Side Molding vs. Rocker Panels
We offer two types of body side trim, Rocker Panels and Body Side Molding.  While Rocker Panels are designed to attach flat on the side of your vehicle, our side body molding is designed to overlay your existing side molding trim, covering it completely, partially, or just accenting it.  Each set is manufactured to fit perfectly on the side molding trim already on your specific vehicle.
Because every make and model vehicle can be different with how many doors there are and if the side molding trim is on the fenders in front of and behind the doors, our Body Side Molding kits come in anywhere from two to fourteen pieces, depending on your vehicle.
We also have generic side body molding that usually fits on doors and can fit most any car or truck.  You can give us measurements of the pieces you need.
Our stainless steel Body Side Mounding will add a luxurious look to your vehicle, plus protect if from dents, scratches, and chips that often occur as people parked beside you open their door and hit your car.  Your side body molding can be covered by our high quality, high gloss “304 #8” stainless steel, giving you high appeal and high protection.
Our factory has been creating templates and making side molding trim since 1988.  We have kits of truck molding  for every major truck model from as far back as the 80’s.  So if you’re in the market for stainless steel side body molding, chances are, we have exactly what you want.  And if it’s body side molding for your auto, we probably have that also.

To find the Body Side Molding we make specifically for your make, model, and year vehicle, simply go to "Find Your Vehicle" in the upper left column.
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